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On this page you will find links to digital resources helpful for studying.

Reference books are at the end of the page


Sing & See (available for PCs and Macs - Intel only). Spectrographic software with integrated spectrographic display and keyboard, also records.

Sygyt (available for PCs. A Mac version will be available later this year). Spectrographic software with integrated spectrographic display and keyboard, also records.

Voce Vista for PCs, integrated spectrographic display (no keyboard)  they also supply an EGG attachment to work with the programme and a self-calibrating microphone for precision research.

Wave Form More voice analysis software available for PCs, Macs and Linux.


Notion music writing package for all computers (Macs and PCs).

Sibelius music writing package for all computers (Macs and PCs).

Finale and Encore

Garage Band turns iPads etc. into a series of 'touch instruments' enabling you to build up tracks.

Logic Pro Editing and mixing software that is quick, powerful and simple to use.

SHEET MUSIC ONLINE and AUDIO FILES wide selection of music to purchase and download.  You can also transpose the song and accompaniment to suit your voice.  Click on the title link above to go direct to the website search facility.

Aria Data Base provides basic information about arias, translations unaffected by copyright restrictions and some sound files.  Donations requested for use.

Sheet Music Plus has a very wide selection of sheet music to download for an appropriate fee - PayPal accepted.  Or use the box below:

CPDL Choral Public Domain Library (under Wikipedia) has a wide selection of out of copyright scores. wide selection of music to purchase and download.  You can also transpose the song and accompaniment to suit your voice.

Petrucci/IMSLP International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) has a very wide selection of out of copyright (compliant with Canadian copyright laws) scores.  Recommended that you make a donation.  Like CPDL this is part of Wikipedia and is an expanding resource.

e-vocal offers a selection of arias, lieder, vaccai, aria anitche, with the texts spoken by a native speaker, a piano accompaniment, an example with voice and piano, and a video with the accompaniment plus a conductor.  Highly recommendable tool for learning.  Available to download or as a DVD for each voice type.

iTunes Download music and buy tracks etc. for iPhone, iPod, iPad, PC, Mac and other digital playback devices.

Spotify on line resource of downloadable music for iPhones, Androids and PCs and Macs; everything from classical to CCM.


Coomber suppliers of professional rugged and reliable recording and amplifying equipment for use in the singing studio, educational venues.

Korg CA-40 Chromatic Tuner, accurate, easy to use electronic tuning device for guitars, harpsichords, clavichords etc

Metronomes: Korg Electronic, Seiko QuartzClip on Tuner & Metronome,
Korg Digital Tuner & Metronome, eSure Clockwork

Yamaha Pocketrak Recorder C24 digital recorder.

Steinway Pianos offer a range of first class top of the range pianos as well as the Essex and Boston ranges.

Tuning Forks:  A 440 Hz (E 659 Hz, C 1627 Hz)


Aria Antiche Fifteen of the Aria Antiche accompaniments

Cleartune The best tuning app I have found. Tunes stringed instruments and harpsichords, clavichords etc.

iRealb (was previously knows as iReal Book).  Enter chord sequences for the music you want to rehearse or perform and the app will play them back.  Practise with realistic sound piano accompaniment and add bass and drums.

iTick Metronome on your 'phone.

Music Dictionary Comprehensive dictionary or musical terms etc.

Pianist Useful piano keyboard on your mobile device - 88 notes, record and save compositions etc.

Spectrogram Voice analysis programme on for iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer.

Shazam Hold your 'phone up to the sound source of a song and it will identify the track and tell you where you can download a version.

Steinway Metronome Use like a conventional metronome or tap the screen and it will tell you the pulse. Download piano backing tracks for a wide selection of classical repertoire (and much more).


UK HostIT provide a first class affordable and reliable service and for easy manageable and creative web design go to David Clark Web Design


Fascinations with the Human Voice -  Ingo Titze's new book - straightforward guide for students and teachers.

Principles of Voice Production (order from the UK) or (order from USA) - Ingo Titze

The Science of the Singing Voice - Johan Sundberg

Voice Science Acoustics and Recording - Damian Murphy and David M. Howard

Acoustics and Psychoacoustics - David M. Howard & Jamie A.S. Angus (Fourth Edition)

Keyboard Skills for Reluctant Pianists - Sue Anderson

The Diagnosis & Correction of Vocal Faults - James C. McKinney

The Dynamics of the Singing Voice - Meribeth A, Bunch and A. Bestermen
(For Kindle version click here)

Choral Pedagogy - Robert Thayer Sataloff (read review)

The Performers Voice - Michael S. Benninger

Singing and Teaching Singing: a holistic approach - Janice L. Chapman

The Voice Clinic Handbook Tom Harris

Voice Science - Robert Thayer Sataloff

Atlas of Anatomy - Frank J Netter: Paperback or Kindle

The Accent Method - Kirstin Thyme-Frokjaer & Borge Frokjaer-Jensen

Bad Science - Ben Goldacre (Kindle version)

YouTube Clips

Ingo Titze: The Human Voice BBC Radio, The Voice is Like a Car (The World Within), Vocal Straw ExercisePavarabotti (Nessun Dorma).

Johan Sundberg: Explains the Vocal Tract

Animation of Respiration

Larynx Models: Half-Head Pharynx, Larynx, Views: Anterior,  Posterior, Laryngeal Muscles,

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) Diva Emcee (how the fMRI works)

Video Stroboscopy: Mucosal Wave, Opera Singer Soprano Endoscopy, SATB simultaneous endoscopy

Useful Web Links

Association of British Choral Directors (ABCD)

Association of English Singers and Speakers (AESS)

Association of Teachers of Singing (UK)

British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM)

British Harpsichord Society

British Institute of Organ Studies

The British Kodály Academy (BKA)

British Voice Association (BVA)

English Folk Song & Dance Society (Cecil Sharp House)

European Piano Teachers Association (EPTA)

European Voice Teachers Association (EVTA)

Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM)

National Association of Teachers of Singing - USA

Pianoforte Tuners Association

Royal Musical Association

Sense About Science

Steinway & Co